sbd a day late a big load of books

There have been kids around which means I read a lot. Easy to read, difficult to write with interruptions.

What I've read:

Compromising Positions by Jenna Baley-Burke This was a freebie from Amazon. Maybe I have low expectations from the freebies (I've gotten a lot of them lately and they've been almost all uniformly predictable and uniformly bad) but this was a great surprise. The hero and heroine were Romancelandia fluff--he's gorgeous and rich, she's attractive and in great shape to boot -- but they had more depth than I'm used to. When they did their banter, I was charmed and convinced they belonged together. A plain old contemporary romance with no paranormal elements or Big Mystery or death. Sweet but that's not the word I mean because it's quite sexy. I think this was my favorite read this week (despite the occasional feeling of "haven't we done this already?") .

And like I said, I read a bunch of books. Wait, there were some Catherine Murdocks I liked a lot too.
Sandra Brown's Mirror Image. If it weren't for the basic truly stupid choice on the heroine's part (to hide her identity) made for dumb reasons, it would have been a fun escapist sort of a book. Also the end stretched believability in a big way. Actually the whole thing stretched credulity, but my creds are bendy and flexible. That last bit the who did it and Interesting, but And when the hero politician stood up and made standard political stump speeches, and we were supposed to admire him for taking firm stands, I rolled my eyes. Man, that stuff is hard to do and I don't think Brown succeeded.

The three books by Catherine Murdock Dairy Queen, Off Season and ermm whatever that last book is called. Loved them. Love Murdock's voice, love the character and her outlook on life. The whole Brian thing got kinda old, but that's teen angst for you.

I actually read few other books but I have to go have a life at the moment. I'll check in later about them.


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