very late sbd and nothing much around here

did you miss me? no? neither did I.

I think about slipping off the blogskin and drifting away. It's all the rage, abandoning blogs, and god knows I want to be topical somewhere. But then I figure, eh, why make an official announcement? I do better with things that end with whimpers than bangs. And even a whimper is too official.

Speaking of loneliness, an indifferent world and an impossible life mission, how's about those Michael Connelly/Harry Bosch books? My life task seems to be to plow through a bunch of them. That's what the library has available.

Bosch is starting to feel less real, not more, the opposite of most characters in long term series books. I can't understand why that is. Anyone else ever read him? It's amazing how the first few books are already outdated by the lack of cell phones, the fact that he's a viet nam vet. I don't see the world moving along until I read a book set a decade or so ago.


There was an announcement somewhere of a new Mullholland Drive imprint and I betcha a month of cigarettes and cheap booze that Harry Bosch would be perfect for it. Too bad he's been around a decade or two already. . .

Here's the announcement.

Little, Brown announced a new crime imprint entitled Mulholland Books, named after a curvy Los Angeles street that has inspired countless chase scenes and noir meditations. Editor John Schoenfelder will run the imprint, and Miriam Parker will serve as marketing director. The imprint will debut in spring 2011...


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