oh, woe.

It doesn't seem fair that they can edit out the vuvuzelas during the replays.

We have a divided household. Boy against boy. Brother fighting brother. Vuvuzela worshipper vs. Vuvuzela hater.

Also I don't know if I should buy chicken breasts or lunch meat for dinner. And I keep starting sentences with And Also But and should be fined for this bad habit.

And then there are the people who are offended by this and the rest of us who think it's pretty funny because we have heard the phrase "Grammar Nazi" a lot. often.

UPDATE: Seriously we need milk and I can't seem to get going because the whole BREAST vs. LUNCH MEAT controversy remains and will come to a head once I make it to Hall's Market. This is all too much to face on top of the vuvuzela debate. I'm going to go read more Harry Bosch instead...I've used up all the Susan Elizabeth Phillips in the house.

Rule one of reading SEP: don't go reading Mrs. Giggles reviews of it afterwards because she has a point about the characters, which just ruins the rosy SEP glow.


  1. Just buy both chicken and lunchmeat and that way you won't have to think about dinner tomorrow night.

    I have no idea what a vuvuzela is so now i have to google. It's too early for googling!

  2. Linda5:26 PM

    I LOVE the Grammar Nazis video! Too funny!

  3. But...how can you have LUNCHmeat for DINNER?!


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