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I frequently complain because my kids lose garments--we don't have a single pair of gloves, just a lot of right and left unmatched items. But I swear, I'd pay someone to steal my youngest's Ugly Brown Thing, a sweatshirt jacket thing I got him last fall and, as far as I can tell, he hasn't taken off yet. Hot weather in the afternoon should mean he leaves it at school. This would require him to go to the lost and found, which he has never, ever done. If article of clothing is in there, I'm the one to fetch it.

If and when he leaves it at school, I plan on leaving the brown thing to molder forever in the L'n'F. When the school delivers the box of lost and found to some charity, I suspect they'll burn the thing.

No such luck yet.

Each kid has (or has had) some item(s) of clothing that drives me crazy. Why should I care about what they wear? It's just not that important and I have zero fashion sense. But yes, I do, a lot. So it must have something to do with my wiring. I'm required to care. I can't tell why we're designed to have this maternal feature. God knows my mother had that too and every mother since the first time humans put on garments.

What possible benefit does this have for human development? Maybe it gives kids a convenient source of rebellion against the family unit that doesn't require going into danger? Although I'd bet some of those crazy-making clothes are actually biohazardous by the time the boys are done with them.


  1. Have you read Julia Quinn's Bridgerton books? Mrs. Featherington is insane.

    You're not that bad, so I guess that makes it okay.

    My mother goes crazy about what my brothers wear -- though since they don't wear trousers that hang so low, they should fall off, I really think she's got nothing to worry about.

  2. now you're being all reasonable, Bonnie. This response on my part has nothing to do with reason.

    I try to stay out of their business and if he wanted to shave his head, or even pierce an ear or two, I'd say ok, it's your body, I'll sign the permission form. (I think I'd hesitate about a tattoo)

    But there's something about that jacket. . . and with the oldest it was a grungy hat. Oh, dear god, that hat.

  3. and yeah, Emily, I did read those books. She was quite the mother. I got that we were supposed to adore her but she made me want to run from the moment I read she'd named her kids alphabetically.

  4. Uncle A12:59 AM

    With Julia it was a funky red and white patterned fleece jacket - also with a hood. She took to wearing it hood-only. that is, she put the hood on and let the jacket sort of trail behind her. Which drove me nuts. And lasted years. We have several thousand pictures from that period of her looking like a total dork. I think i stuffed it in her baby box to save for later revenge. This, I will shout as I shove it in her 35 year old face, This is what you wore every freaking day! /rant

  5. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Wow, are you abusive or something. Its just a jacket for Christs sake. Let the kid wear it. What harm does it do to you. This kid sounds awesome and also really great, and awesome.

  6. Kate! They're talking romance over at Daily Kos. I'm a little late to the party, though.


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