And I'd like to say no thank you to. . .

Hell. I've stopped writing again. :::Glares around Borders cafe.:::: Which one of you is responsible?

Okay, I'll write my anti-dedication. You know how there are acknowledgments in the front of books? This is what's not going in the front of my non-book because it's just not happening.

To Borders, for getting the stupid internet in for all of us. Used to be we had to pay and nooooo now it's free. Damn it, twitter is more fun than this plot.
To my crit partners for not putting more pressure on me. Sure, it's not really your job, but you don't think I want to take full blame for this?
To SEP for writing books I can't put down so I can't write my own.
To the Zen corporation for making relatively cheap players so I listen to other people's books instead of my own.

Did I miss anyone?
Oh, to my husband for making me have his three kids who have consistently been more fun and trouble than any book extant. I love you. Now go away, all four of you......oh, right. You have. You're not here. Back to number one. Stupid Borders.

I think I blame Sarah Frantz because I can.


  1. Well, really. You're the one that started the interesting conversation I can't LEAVE THE FUCK ALONE.


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