Time again to preen

A woman could get used to this. Yessirree.

Bonnie has yet another cowritten book out today, so she's moved along to promoting that one (she wrote it with Marie Treanor, who's another autobuy author for me.** It's a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin.) I don't have any releases of any sort lined up so I'm still hunting around for reviews of our last one, The Gentleman and the Rogue.

They're nearly all thumbs up.

The other nice thing? There are a lot of these "this is a fabu book!" reviews. I have to get ready for work, so later on I'll add more. But for now, here are a couple reviews of TGaTR:

5 out of 5 stars

To say I enjoyed every moment of this story is putting it mildly. The authors have to be congratulated in bringing to life some wonderfully drawn characters and vividly recalling a time in London's history with atmospheric authenticity. The blurb gives the bare bones of the story, and doesn't sound too exciting or different, but it is the skillful way in which the story is told that draws the reader in.

I loved every aspect of this story, and was truly sorry when I came to the last page ~ so I read it all again! Highly recommended.
Jimbo at Rainbow Reviews

Overall, I was completely hooked by this story. The character of Jem was an absolute delight and his exuberant personality was nicely counterbalanced by the more thoughtful and, at times, melancholic Alan. . . . I highly recommend The Gentleman and the Rogue to all those who love historical romance. I'm hoping that there're going to be more historicals from this pair of authors because I've certainly liked what I've read so far. Highly recommended with a grade of 'Excellent'.
--Jenre at well read review

I just hope there isn't big backlash from this. You know, people disappointed in a book that gets too much hype. (Hey, listen, someone has to find the cloud in all this silver lining. That's my job.)


**Despite the fact that I'm a drooly fan-girl, I've never met Bonnie or Marie. Their Sammy editor is a good pal of mine (I got her that job, yes, I did. All right, maybe she got it but I did alert her to its existence and pimp her to Angie) AND here's some gossip -- she always breaks into "And they called it puppy loooove" when she mentions them. You know. Bonnie and Marie? Donny and . . . Never mind.

That's the extent of what could be called gossip, because the actual conversation we have is always boring.... we tend to devote about ten minutes' talk about how much we like B and M's writing and how it's only a matter of time before they get on a best seller list, etc etc etc.


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