reboot REBOOOT

I can't be bothered to post all those great reviews? The ones from Mrs Giggles, Speaks its name, and a few others -- so you can all see how great I am (correction: how great Bonnie and I are together). But it turns out, no, these glowing reviews are not being reposted. It's not happening. What a slacker I am!

Hey, but listen, the computer is trying to kill itself so I have to be careful with my time on here. The once perfect Toshiba tries to turn itself off often every few hours, and sometimes it succeeds

Then after it tells me it's a dumped its memory, it takes forever to reboot. And as soon as windows shows up, again, I have to quickly jump over to see what twitter and facebook peeps have to say. And then I have to go dredge up my latest copy of whatever document was open at the time. And then I have to spend about ten minutes cursing because I've lost a chunk of work. AND then more fishing around to see if I can get a more recent version. I never can. But because this is our established pattern, I tend to save often.

My kid's computer has died a faster, more dramatic death than mine. But his is still under warranty so he's still stuck with that baby. Me? I've ordered a new one.

This Toshiba guy's been around for a few years and has been pretty good, especially comparatively speaking. I'm thinking of you, Dell from Hell, may your cursed memory stop me from buying Dell again.

So. That's this week's excuse. Computer woes.


  1. My laptop's trying to commit suicide, but I honestly think the problem is the OS. I am going to see if Ubuntu gives it new life.


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