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I'd post a review of this Iris Johansen book but I'm too grouchy.

I checked amazon and saw that other people who've read the book grouse about the over-fiesty heroine, but she was all right. Tough doesn't bother me. Other readers complain that she and the hero do a lot of bickering. Hey, yeah, didn't feel like sexy tension, but, still, that didn't get on my last nerve. The plot was all right.

It's that INFO-DUMPING dialogue--"How can I be happy with my wife and two young children when you're still depressed about your divorce."...."You feel awful but it's not as bad as when you lost your son five years ago." That's what made me crazy. Pages and pages of it made me want to scream how come they can write that horrendous dialogue and still sell books?

See? Too grouchy. I took it personally because I just got a couple of rejections and my attitude was unprofessional enough to begin with.


I'd post a review about Shades of Grey, but I don't want to think about the book too much. I loved it despite the Obvious Messages and the Too Too Cleverness of the details. It's the sort of book that, if I think about it too much, it might get all gunked up in my brain. This is why I never wanted to be an English major. I want to respond emotionally to everything. Save the brain power for non-fiction. Or maybe just let the brain power rot. Adios, brain power!

Here is the review: It's a good book and I think you should read it. Yes, it's another grim dystopia but it's an INTERESTING grim dystopia, with welcome flashes of humor and a view of color that is fascinating. Someone was just talking about tasting color or having it create music recently. Musta been talking about this book.

updated: no, no, it was tasting or hearing numbers, not colors. Or hearing music with particular sums? Oh, bother. WHAT WAS THE STRANGE sensory response -- and in response to what? Argh.

Now I have to read Fforde's back list. But first, I'm off to ask the kids if they know what I'm talking about. They'll get that patient look in their eyes as I try to explain but it will be worth it if someone can tell me what disenwhateveritis I'm thinking of. No, not thinking of but edging near.......Argh.

another update: Synesthesia!
Oh, thank you KERRY ALLEN and CHARLENE TEGLIA! thank you. And thank you, twitter. Thank you, internet. Phew.


  1. Er, which Shades of Grey? Author?

  2. Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde . . . Mike (my husband) loves his stuff.

  3. I also just read a book with info-dumping dialogue but had not such a lovely description for it. I was just reading and thinking, no one would talk like this! It's crap! But you're dead-on! It's def info-dumping dialogue. Thanks for the new vocab word. :)

  4. Never doubt yourself on a review. You have your opinion and that is what it is. Don't take it personally. They may not agree but you still have your opinion and that is what it is.

  5. Info-dumping dialogue makes me laugh. You always wonder what the response is supposed to be...

    EX-HUSBAND HERO: "Hey, do you remember when our marriage failed because we lost our child and couldn't deal with the grief?"

    EX-HUSBAND HEROINE: "I'd forgotten. But thank you for reminding me. This makes me secretly want you, so we can end up back together by the end of the book."


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