bah, hum...oh, never mind

I did not like April Fool's day for two reasons: I'm extremely gullible and I have boy children.

This means I end up feeling like the perpetually grumpy-because-of-constant-mockery Jamie on Mythbusters.

Just because it's easy to do, doesn't mean you should do it over and over and over, boys.

Except every April first for the last few years there have been fine contributions to the holiday culture by GOOGLE and SMART BITCHES (along with fellow smartassbitch, dearauthor) This means that now I have to love it.

and hey, lookit!

Mrs. Giggles gave our book an 89!!

add in a lot of sunshine today and my personal case of curmudgeonitude is pretty thoroughly quashed.

***note, we did not have to pay her $9.99 for the review. or is that a $99.99 review? I don't know if it's a high B or low A.


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