one week later

A week? Why didn't I post during the whole week?

Nothing to say hasn't ever slowed me down. Maybe it's because I don't visit other blogs much and so don't get inspired.

But now it's SBD and I have to report in.
Reading this week was almost all Books on Tape. That's so I can multi-task---I can't just sit around and read a book. I have to do other stuff, like ummm.....ummmmmmm....clean the house? Naw. Cook? Sometimes. Wander aimlessly around the house? Frequently.

I listened to a Victoria Dahl contemporary that was, eh, okay. Actually it was good enough, and it made me curious enough that I bought the next in the series (this one for the Kindle) and this book I seriously enjoyed. The main character, Jane, was way too obsessed with her good girl image, but I believed her thinking and her reasons why she clung to her image, even when I got annoyed with her dumping The Perfect Guy over and over, ostensibly because he had *gasp* tattoos and steel toed boots.

Her true reasons were forgivable, I think, but still it was annoying. At least she was annoyed by her actions too. To counterbalance that, the hero was almost too perfect....but not unbelievably so. And when she finally got around to the aha moment of forgiving a particular teenaged girl, it was worth the rest. It worked. So flaws aside, the book was almost as good as Jenny Crusie at her best.

Speaking of which, I'm currently listening to Crusie's Charlie All Night and it's fun. Good old Fluffetty fun. Do not underestimate the power of fluffetty fun. (And Also. Do not just listen to it, Kate. There must be a balanced diet........although, come to think of it, why?)


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