The new Kindle fan fiction thing? No, no, no. I say this not because I have any personal problem with fan fiction. Kind of the opposite. I don't write it and I don't read it (much) but I do know this:  fan fic is a thing done with love. Make it commercial and it loses the one thing that makes it mildly admirable. It turns from a tribute into a money-grubbing effort. I know the original authors might be on board with it--heck, I would be if anyone wanted to do it with my stuff. But the spirit of the effort changes.

Too airy-fairy a reason to object in a world of sales.

Hey, people are already saying they do not pay for something labeled fan-fiction. I don't see how the project can succeed, but then again, I said that about vampires about five years ago. Prescient, I am not. 


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