last day to get Her Mad Baron Free!

And it has two great reviews. Here's my favorite (by my new favorite person, CMP)
 OMG! What a book! I loved this story! Florrie is wonderful and I simply adore Nathaniel. The author did a really good job with the writing and her characters are well developed. The plot is also pretty unique. The book summary provided in the product description is pretty dead on..... the attraction between the two of them is combustible! I highly recommend this book! I can't believe I got it for free! What a treasure! This is a book I will read again and again.

In about 15 hours two things will occur:
1. My novel will stop being free (get it while you can!)
2. I will stop doing promo for it. .

My promotional efforts will probably go into pushing our soon-to-be new recording of The Gentleman and the Rogue.

Naw I'll probably rest my promotional self -- for at least a few days.

The other review says, "I wish I knew who'd done it." I feel like chiming in and saying we know who did it! did what? We know! 

That's when I know it's time to back away and get back to The Madman and The Attendant book Bonnie and I are writing.


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