Hello synopsis people!

I gave a presentation** today at CAPA-U and ran out of handouts. I promised to put them up here.

Click on this link to see what I've written about synopses. The first few entries that come up are basically different versions of the handout I had today. I've given the workshop a few times in the last couple of years and revised the sheet. I didn't talk to any new editors or agents this time out, but I think things haven't changed since the last time I talked to them in 2011.

I hope we helped you!!

I still say Toni's system--both of her sheets--provide amazing exercises for developing a longer synopsis or for exploring issues with your manuscript. That sheet she developed for turning plot turning points helped me rescue more than one book from the soggy depths.

But how about a quick 1-2 page synopsis you might as a selling tool?? I use Arianna Hart's advice: write a review of your book and add spoilers.


**when I say "I gave a presentation" I mean "Toni Andrews gave the presentation and I interrupted with non sequiturs occasionally."


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