Oh, right. I forgot to tell you.


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You won. I forgot to tell you guys that! Sorry! I posted the winners in other spots but where the actual winner showed up? Nope.
I'll be sending you the book. 

Taming the Bander had a nice little run--in the top 100 gay books at Amazon and the top ten at Samhain off and on most of the week (still lingering at the top at Samhain). Now this week's batch of books will take its place. But I did like seeing that and I took screen shots which I will keep and gloat over during the long dark days of bad sales.

In other news they're doing stuff to the old Borders across the street. The ghost writing, the shadow of the store's name is gone so we can move on. Adios entirely, Borders. This passage along time goes faster and faster.

AAAAAAAAAAnd that's about it. Except they have the music cranked too loud here at Barnes and Noble. It lends a sense of desperation to the place as if it's trying to grab us and make us buy music, please please buy it on these obsolete disk things.

I won't be watching this building if BN goes away and leaves nothing but a ghost sign. 


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