no ... more.... forrrrrms

Bonnie and I are taking back the rights to our books, slowly, which means we have to reload them, which means we have to have accounts. Setting those things up makes me think maybe the publishers might be earning that percentage after all.

One of the things we need is a website. At least two venues demand that we fill in that space on their form. Little red asterisk means "nuh uh, bitch, you will list a site." So I made one here at blogspot. That was easy peasy!

Later on, once the big bucks roll in, we'll probably do a real site. The fake, bloggy one took less time than waiting for the help desk on Barnes and Noble to answer the phone. In fact, creating that beauty is what I did while I waited for B&N (which has nice enough hold music--guitars. Ally bank needs to look into new music. Ditto godaddy). 


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