New Book, Sort of...

But not really.

The old book was POWDER OF LOVE by Summer Devon -- and it is now POWDER OF SIN by Kate Rothwell.

Dammit, why, cries a justifiably annoyed public, why are you making this change?

Oh, calm down, annoyed public. It's not like great throngs of you bought the book...but I get why changes that seem random are annoying. Here, I have good reasons and allow me to explain them to you.

Title Change: I got a few snippy notes/comments from people who thought the title was POWER of Love and they were annoyed that it was a fairly smutty book. The powder in question is a genuine aphrodisiac.

They were expecting something inspirational, which means they should have read the description, but I understand the misread thing. At least if someone removes the "D" in their brains they won't be offended that the book has a fair helping of Sin, or at least references to it.

Author Change: They're both me. But Kate, bless her, got some compliments on her abilities to write historicals. If I want to drag in some of those ancient compliments then I should use that name. From now on, historicals that are not m/m will be by Kate Rothwell and Summer will just have to stick to her own side of the room.

Go sulk, Summer. You're not the only one who can make some sales -- I hope.


  1. I would have liked it if you called it Power of Sin.

  2. You have a point. As soon as the cover was finalized, someone said, "ya know, I see 'powder' and I think 'cocaine'"

  3. Changing titles to existing books?! THE CHEEK!


    I read Power of Love as well and had an 80's flashback.

  4. PS. That should say PS

  5. Amelia Elias5:56 AM

    Awesome cover and title! Whoever made the cocaine comment was just crazy. Looooooove this story by any name! ;-)

  6. Yeah, inorite? Just crazy and perhaps right. Sort of SOP for the woman.

    I will be running all future titles past you,btw.


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