New Cover!!!

I like this cover a lot--nice lay-out, great font, interesting glowering guy.

Except the gloomy guy doesn't look like any of my characters to me.

Turns out I'm a real PITA when it comes to covers. I think there has only been one time when I looked at a cover and thought, yo, that's him! That's exactly right.  And now that cover is no longer on the book. (The Gentleman and the Rogue's original cover had Jem on it)

Give me a few days and I love most of my covers, although that's not true of them all. I still shudder when I see some of them. (I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Irrational Arousal -- if we take soft spot to mean the sight of it makes one's heart go

When I saw this, I whined, "that doesn't look like Peter." The editor said, "He's Colin."

Really? I would never guess he's Colin.

You'll have to read the story to decide if he's Colin, Peter or maybe Mark. I can't recall when it's coming out, so I'll check on that and get back to you, blog. You'll have to wait a while to find out which character you think matches the cover: The book isn't out until October 1.

This story is still called Goofus and Gallant in my head, but even at the very start, I knew that wouldn't work as a title.


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