snow fell

The crap car from above, with its upraised windshield wipers showing. And the crap car from the side during dig-out operations. All cars are now out of the snow. The roads are still nasty. The snow is still piled. Life is almost back to normal now.

We got anywhere from 24-30 inches depending on who you ask. Considering how ill-equipped we are for this much snow ("we" in this case being the state, the city, the people in this house) the clean-up is pretty good. Lots of whining continues, but the snow fell less than a week ago. A LOT OF SNOW FELL DOWN AND IS STILL ON THE GROUND. seems to be the big topic. Followed by WHY HAVEN'T YOU MADE IT ALL BETTER YET?

We're about bored with that topic, so I figured I better post something before it went away, because hey, it was a lot of snow. Even the big dog (75 lb) can't seem to make it over the drifts. The little dog doesn't have a chance.

Not sure what the next big subject will be. Here in the house it'll probably be HOW DO WE PUT THIS DAMN BED TOGETHER because we bought a bed for the youngest's birthday, but unless it gets comical, I'll spare you. It might get kind of funny because the one efficient member of the household fell off a ladder, hurting his arm. That leaves the rest of us to PUT THE DAMN BED TOGETHER. Oh boy! Hijinks might ensue if we're unlucky. 


  1. What state is this in?

  2. connecticut during (well, after) Nemo.


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