a contest to celebrate Summer's new book

Why? Because I always have contests with new books.

Why? Because people tell me they like contests.

Why? Because . . . because I LIKE CONTESTS dang it.
Seriously, just like always, this is easy to enter.
1. Simply announce on twitter that Summer has a new book out (and don't forget to let @kate_rothwell know so she'll enter you into the contest.
2.  Fan Summer's facebook page.
3. Comment on any entry in this blog, (just be sure to point out that you're entering the contest).

4. Sign up for the newsletter -- the form is off on the right side. It's a spam-free newsletter. I don't give away your address and you only hear from me when I have a new book.

If you do all four, you end up with four entries. EEEEZEEEEE!

So many ways to enter. You might as well, right?


  1. Please count me in. I'll sign up the newsletter as well.


  2. Please count me in. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Please count me in for the contest; the book sounds wonderful. I've also signed up for the newsletter. If I knew how to fan someone on Facebook I would fan you.

    andreanow1999 at yahoo.com

  4. I subscribed to your newsletter. I need details on exactly what a Bander is! Thanks!

    brendurbanist at gmail dot com


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