Her Royal Spyness = fun. I bought an audiobooks copy when it was on sale and it's my favorite listen of the year so far. No, wait, Ivan Vorpatril's book is.

Back to HRS, there was mention of someone calling 999 and I got all hot and bothered. The book is set in 1932 and surely that number hasn't been around for long. Turns out it was first in use in 1937. So a slight anachronism, but not off by decades as I'd imagined.

The voice is dry and funny (and the reader is excellent). I long ran out of P.G. Wodehouses so maybe that's why I wanted something full of upper-class twits and characters with names like "Binky" and "Wiffy." She does go on about her royal blood and I imagine it's not something someone born into that world would mention or think about much.

It reminded me of how Susan in the Spenser books goes on about having graduated from Harvard. Mike went there for grad school (like Susan) and years and years go by without a peep about the big H, except perhaps to say, "remember so-and-so?" sorts of conversations. In fact I think I've mentioned it more than he has--twice in the last couple of years, both times to gripe about Susan.

Hey, back to HRS. It's a cute book because the author's voice is a pleasure. I guessed the killer and his motivation early on but I still enjoyed the heck out of it and want to read more, now. Okay? Okay. 


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