Happy Release Day to Me!!

Summer has an m/m out today at Samhain. Yay! And it's gotten two good reviews. Yay!
4.75/5 stars at Jessewave 
"A deliciously light-hearted story about an unusual shapeshifter and his unlikely lover....
This was a refreshing change from the usual shifter fare, and not only for the fact that Jake turned into something a lot more original than a wolf, and there wasn’t a fated mate in sight.

"Plus, no one growled “mine” during sex, another nice bonus point.

"Instead, I got a wonderful pairing of tall, dark and silent with bright, vivid and chatty.  Flintstone and spark. Rock and wind. Jake and Vaughn complement each other beautifully, even though it takes both of them a while to see that, and I had a great time being a fly on their wall. Warmly recommended."

at goodreads:
 "I really enjoyed the two MCs. And since I'm a sucker for animals, I loved the setting of the Ark (an animal shelter). The UST/sparks were flying between these two characters and the development of their physical and romantic relationship was nicely threaded throughout the book. The sub-plot of the entitled cousins losing all their money was unique and interesting. It felt like a good, solid contemporary to me (well, except one MC could, you know, become an animal). Recommended.
--  Eli Easton

You can buy a copy discounted today.


  1. Happy Release Day and Congrats on the good reviews:)

  2. Love the write-ups and the Ark! Wishing you a very happy release day, and huge congrats on an intriguing read!

  3. I hope you never stop writing, Summer. You are the best.

    Contest? Really? Why, of course!

  4. you guys are signed up for the contest, you know. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hey, a belated congrats on this book. I didn't realize it was already release time. I'm glad it's doing well for you!


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