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I'm going through all the Rhage and Hhorror and Ihmpohtence books. Yay J.R.Ward! It's a fun world, kinda flat, kinda odd with the rules which bend and stretch, except when they don't. But still, creative as can be and addictive. I like the fact that there aren't excuses made for bad behavior. Reasons for it, yes, but no one lets anyone get away with bull in the stories. This is not high literature and it is perfect summer stuff--assuming you don't mind a lot of dead bodies (they're not real people though. The usual dead guy is an evil minion called a Lesser, which means he smells like baby powder--a scent which JR Ward apparently HATES--and has black blood and has no soul so, ok. Dead is good.)

Here is your basic hero: I'm a tough male who wears shitkickers and a wife-beater and leathers and I do fist bumps wit my bros. I don't act like a nancy [which makes me wonder -- Is JR English? Nancy? Plus all the talk of going to the loo.?] I kill cartoonishly bad (but so satisfying) evil Lessers. Two seconds to a half hour after I  meet a particular hot female/woman, I give off dark spices and am filled with the need to mate and come a whole lot. Lots and lots and lots of sex and coming and coming and . . . wait a sec! I am now attached to a female/woman. My eyes prickle??! I might be crying! I am a nancy! whereupon some brother bonks me longside the head so I don't have to feel all girly and shit. Phew. But really. MY woman is ALL. Rar. (also I will need to be reminded of this every few books when some other tough male mates up)

Going through a series nonstop, you tend to see things that are repeated (like males grabbing females' hands and rubbing on the erection and saying "see what you do to me?" any time some woman says "you don' wan me," that's what the guy does.)

Does it sound like I hate them? No. I do not. I am wading through them like the series is the only chocolate bar in the world and I am a PMSing woman. I swear, I don't understand why I love them so, but that's for a day when I am not gorged on chocolate. The only fear I have (should be Pheahre) is that I'll start writing or talking like those characters. That is not what I want, thank you.

To clarify: I am not not a snob. It is just that Ward's style is so distinctive, I can see it rubbing off ( like that dark mating spice the guys rub on their gals). She's one of those writers whose imitators are easily spotted. Also, to be perfectly honest, some of the slang annoyed me


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