SBD might have to give up this one...or not

I'm listening to Jack Higgins, Bloody Passage, and this thing is dated. Not only does everyone smoke and drink all the time -- I got no problem with that -- but the gay character is called an "it", the one woman is gross, the other woman, the sister, delicate and blind and incapable of caring for herself. The main character a jerk. (I imagine the gross woman will end up falling under his spell.) I don't mind alpha, to a degree, but this guy is an uber-cool, superhuman strong and a proficient pill. The whole smart-ass thing got old with Spenser, too, and he was usually funnier.

I've just done a few JR Ward books recently and they're the same kind of guy. Honestly, they strike me as one-note humans. They also smoke too.

It's not badly written, better than the Pattersons I've read.

I'm guessing this was written in the 70s. I have to check. be back.  Umm. Whu? 1999? But it seems like the Soviet Union is still operating. Really? That recent.

I did like the start of the thing: he's being shot at and gets annoyed when the sharpshooter breaks the wine. I should wait it out a bit.


  1. I admire you for sticking with it. I can barely stick with really great writing lately, so the idea of waiting it out because he was annoyed at the wine glass getting shot? Positively saint-like, Kate.


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