hey! free book! go get it while you can.

My new book (as described in the previous entry) is now free! Go on and get a copy. 

 You don't even have to read it, although I don't mind if you do--unless you hate it. In that case, we'll both pretend you never saw  it, okay?**

Turns out I'm doing this freebie thing wrong. I should have finished the next book in the series, put a bit of that at the end of the book1 novella and then immediately put book 2 up for sale at the same time  I did the freebie for book 1.

The thing is, I haven't finished book 2. I know it looks like I turn/churn these things out, but really, I don't. Next time I'll know better. In fact, I am working on a series with Linda Gayle. We'll be experts at putting out the books by then.

**actually, after all this time, I really am ok with bad reviews, as long as they aren't ad hominem.


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