My new book!

Hey, check it out! Summer has a new ebook, Elemental Man, and here's a description of it:  

A novella about a superhero. 
Caleb is an ordinary guy...except for his bizarre ability to adapt to any situation. Really. Anything goes. Fire and water are no problem for him.

Someone is shoving innocents into dangerous situations and Caleb is forced to act again and again. It's up to him to stop the person who's trying to draw him out. He already suspected his attractive neighbor is his stalker and then she demonstrates the rare ability of seeing him as he adapts.

After Caleb confronts her, he has another problem on his hands. He's told the innocent civilian Melinda far about himself and she apparently has some extraordinary skills herself. Her rare skills might make Melinda a target of the stalker who's after Caleb.

And, thanks to his mistake about her identity, the nuisance of an agency that controls his life has been alerted to her existence as well. Caleb decides he has to protect and hide her from his friends and foes. Maybe she won't notice he's pretending they've got a future

* * *
For a limited time, only available at Amazon.

If you've gotten this far, here's something else about the novella: it'll be free for a couple of days, starting Friday night.  

This is a self-published book. I also just signed a contract with Samhain for a new m/m contemporary.


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