What is she?

our  dog on Wednesday
Animal Control Officer Sherry: The coloring and pattern is yorkie.

Me: Her body's kind of long. So maybe dachshund too?

ACOS: I see terrier in her face. Also I'm not sure about the lack of tail.

Me: Corgi?

ACOS: Or she lost it. Who knows what her life's been like. I picked her up in the worst neighborhood in Hartford. She was a stray.

Me: Her eyes are a bit buggy.

ACOS: Hmm. Pom maybe.

Me: or pug? Although she does have elegant legs, so maybe min-pin?

Did we leave out any small breeds besides bishon frise or poodle? They might be in there. 


  1. To me, she looks a bit like a Boing Boing. Only more mature. (PS I don't know anything about dogs!)

  2. Is Adorable a breed? Or Lucky? I wonder if she's maybe a Yorkie plus a Jack Russell? Anyway, congratulations to you and your family.

  3. Who cares about the breed? She is one beautiful little dog :D

  4. Anonymous3:34 PM

    She's a cute. And I would guess any number of black and tan terriers.

  5. yeah, she really is adorable. She trembled the whole time I was there and she skitters away from people. She liked our big old dog though, (Sooz didn't seem to notice her much).

    We get her on Wednesday--I hope she's housebroken but I'm not real optimistic about that.

  6. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Russ (who hs experience in these things) votes chichuaua, yorkit & minpin. She's sooooo cute -- can I come over Wednesday and meet her?


  7. The face is Jack Russell, the body is Yorkie, the legs are MinPin, the tail is not there and the ears are Yoda. How's that? She's adorable.

  8. Alien dog from planet Awesome?

  9. I don't think you need to go farther than Yorkie/Jack Russell. She probably had the tail docked, it's very rare for dogs to have no tail. Yorkies usually have big bat ears but they're hidden under all the long hair. You want to be really fancy, throw a "Part Papillion" in there.

  10. Maybe coyote and Yorkie. A Yorcote.

  11. She's adorable. Sounds like you might need the help at this website: http://fearfuldogs.com/

    Excellent advice there for dealing with shy, fearful dogs.


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