Service Professionals

More promo and then I think we can all agree that we have better things to do. Today's assignment: tell us about your life working in restaurants. We will nod and say, wow, yeah and give a sympathetic wince, because, dude, that work is HARD.

Which is more fake: the clean towel or the wine?
We're over at Carina talking about our short unglorious careers as waitresses--although I guess my few years working in a bar wasn't bad at all. I miss that life occasionally. Or maybe I miss the part of me that could keep chugging along in that sort of life with happy feet at the end of the night.

I've been reading Charlaine Harris lately and Sookie keeps talking about how she's looked down upon by various people because she's a waitress. I never felt that when I was a waitress, but then again, I couldn't read the patrons' minds.


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