today is SBD

but I'm still reading RITA books and not Doug Hoffman's story.
After yesterday's rant and outrage and today's blue screen o' death that killed about 1K of a story, I'm not feeling it.

Someone asked about the lil tabs. They are the standard things you hear everywhere: "A brisk walk? Probably Avoidance" "chocolate might probably will work" "scented candles? don't make me laff" and "motivation, not muse. Get to work and stop whining"  "kick in pants? Might work"

Missing from the list:  music, a hot bath and getting off the internet.  Although the whole thing is hard to read
Lost Motivation, reward offered, please don't keep if you find MY motivation, take your own...

ha. ha. ha. . . .
Okay, well, um yeah. I have to go reconstruct the scene in the police station. A few threats of violence will do us all good.


  1. Very funny!! I promise, I don't have your motivation or mine!! But if I find it...well, is ther a reward?

  2. This is great, Kate! Very funny and so true. Very sorry for your "loss." My experience with motivation is that it can be found in the most unexpected places. The bathroom, a hot shower, a walk in the woods. It's usually found very near "inspiration."


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