hey LOOK! Another book by me!

Actually this is sort of cheating because it's a re-release. But because fewer than 100 people read it the first time out, this might as well be a new book, yeah? Here it is at Smashwords and for a short time, you can get it free there. Just use the code SP63J and get 100% rebate.

it got good reviews:

 4.5 stars!
This is a sweet, funny and emotional tale. This modern take on Daddy-Long-Legs, by Jean Webster, has wonderful, fully developed characters... This incredible story will appeal to adult as well as young readers. --Romantic Times

Thank You, Mrs. M. is a wonderful read...This is a poignant and enjoyable read. --Night Owl Reviews

 I wasn't the only one telling a story. Anonymous Mrs. Moneybags tried to hide from me. Too bad I'm smart, Mrs. M, and I got you figured. But know what? I can keep your secrets.
You and me--we made it work.

Benjamin Evans takes charge of his younger siblings, but still finds time for college--especially after he receives an offer of a full scholarship. The only catch in the sweet deal is he must share details about school and some private facts about his life. As he talks into the recorder over the months, Ben's
curiosity about his sponsor increases.

Loosely based on Daddy Long Legs, the novel by Jean Webster
* * *
If you only want it for Kindle and don't want to bother loading it from Smashwords (they have Kindle format there), here's the amazon link, but it's $1.50 over there. Half the price of a small mocha latte. Sheesh, people stop complaining.

For a short time, my freebie over on Amazon was a bestseller (its numbers are still not too shabby). Here's the funny thing: people picked out popular highlights from it and EVERY SINGLE HIGHLIGHT is from the sex scenes. The novella is maybe 40 pages long and there are 2 1/3 pages of sex.

Heh. I guess I do good heat or I have a bunch of dirty minded readers. Either way, thumbs up!


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