A binge of releases **

Want to know when my books are out this year? Tough, I'm going to tell you anyway.

And you'll be exhausted, because God knows I am:
December (Unnatural Calamities)
January (Psychic and Spy)
February (Thank You Mrs M)
March (Her Outlandish Stranger) and
April (Serious Play)

That's it. No more books scheduled, ever after that--I'm still writing but nothing else is bought. I think if I was more in charge of the universe, I would have spread these puppies out a bit. My fault though. I should have said something.

Have I shown you March's cover yet? Hey, yo, it's okay!

The heroine is a young, fairly proper Englishwoman so that's a bit off. He's fine, yup. But hmm. He looked sort of familiar to me. Hmmm. HMmMM.

Okay, so I think he looks a bit like a young, blond John Travolta.

**what would you call a group of releases? Obviously a herd of books would be a "shelf of books" But releases seem more fluid--and we know that animals in motion sometimes have a different name  than a collective of animals at rest. For instance a bunch of geese on the ground are a gaggle and in the air they're a skein. 

So what would you call a whole bunch of books coming out into the world?


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