1. That Eloisa James can write.

I still have a couple of RITA books to go, but needed a break so I listened to a couple of books, and they are.

2. Story of Forgetting. I'd  forgotten how cool it is when a book sticks around after you've read it, but really, I'd like to erase the after-effects of this one The Story of Forgetting was one of my favorite reads in a while, and I've read a whole lot of books (although the ending wasn't as good as the rest) but I'd rather forget about dementia, thanks. Death and decay (before and after death) is inevitable and a little memento mori is fine--but too much isn't conducive to getting on with life. The kid in the book grows obsessed with the disease but he doesn't take the test to see if he has early onset Alzheimer's and so that's sort of the same thing. He gets on with life. I need more coffee because this doesn't make any sense.
Uh oh. Maybe I've got some of the first signs of ga-ga-dom.**
3. Now I'm listening to Zone One, a literary zombie book. It's pretty excellent. Yes, sometimes the language is too clever by half. Okay, the whole product sponsorship is silly (an obvious comment on the State of Our Civilization) and, fine, there are times the author wants us to see how smart he is AND, all right, there are points that are pounded at -- like the hero's mediocrity -- until you want to take out a red pen and mark the spot REDUNDANT.  But those are small points compared to the overall picture which is this: wow. Good book. Gory and funny is hard to do, and this reaches the pinnacle of the art form, Shaun of the Dead. And I don't even like zombie books.

4. I had another point but my mouse moved up and erased the whole thing. I'm taking this as a sign that I should get up and find the coffee and my life.


 **Mom and Dad both did the dementia thing so I'm always on the lookout for signs of it in my mind. And there are always, ALWAYS signs. There have been since I started looking 20 years ago..


  1. Ah, tell me about it...the signs are always there. Shortly after my mom was diagnosed with Huntington's, I found all the signs in myself. Every. Single. One. After convincing myself that I'd been on the losing end of the 50/50 lottery that Huntington's offers, I had myself tested and was quite surprised to learn that, in spite of the slew of symptoms, I was negative. Stress can mimic all those symptoms. Google that, Dr Google! I worry about dementia a lot less now. :)

  2. Wow. I can't imagine waiting for that test. (and the relief when you get the good results)

  3. Hey Kate, have you read The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey by Walter Mosley? The main character suffers from dementia and I think part of the plot is an experimental medication. I have no personal experience with dementia but I thought the story sounded really interesting.

  4. I do like Walter Mosley. Later though. First I have to get through these RITA books.


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