Yesterday was lost in the fog of yet another cold. Productivity is at zero levels due to swamp activity in my head. This winter is absurd and in response, my immune system is on strike.

And what do dreams about biking mean? I'm always getting lost and peddling up hills when I dream of riding. Do I need more exercise? duh, yes, but I wonder if the dreams reflect my body's cries for help.

And dreams of artichoke hearts must signify something. That can't be random. Artichoke flowers are obvious symbols of ummmmmm prickly love? Melted butter?

I should go see what Doug is up to. I probably need to get back on a strict regimen of checking a couple of blogs and stop with this twittering. That's what's giving me the colds. Not enough vitamin D and too much time on twitter.


  1. Get better soon.

    I had some weird dreams last night, too. I was sure I'd remember them later, but now I can't. I know there was some danger, hiding from someone or escaping or something. that's all. Your dreams sound much more detailed.


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