crappy car update

Tomorrow the guys go down to DC to get the car. (Scroll down a bit to see it.) It's an important enough occasion, Weingarten even mentions it in today's Washington Post (online. Scroll down a bit to see it)

The day after tomorrow,the fight for the santa poop begins. I want it. The car's new owner, boy1, also wants it.

The boy is right, I had no idea about who or what Mr. Hanky Poo actually is, but now I do understand because unfortunately he's shown me the video. And even if I hadn't known, ignorance doesn't mean I should be deprived of something gorgeous. . . . Ergh. South Park, ugh that video.

I'm rereading that short mention in the Post. See that bit about me as a saucy wench? I like that, a lot. Good thing I'm not going to DC. I'm currently going through 3/4 of a box a kleenex a day and I look like a rabbit--not a cute one you see scampering through the garden. I'm one of those laboratory rabbits, way pale except for the pink nose, pink eyes and twitchy all over. Saucy wenches do not look like diseased rabbits.


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