Of course I have something to blog about. The trouble is lately I've learned discretion. No, what I've learned is that
1. what I have to say can usually be summed up in couple of sentences and that's what twitter's for
2. I can always find someone out there saying what I mean better, only better, faster, funnier.
3. I'm making cookies for a kid's play--we sell beforehand to raise money for .... for....something. The boy's Einstein in Picasso at the Lapin Agile...such a change from the time he played a weather element. So as for the blogging, meh, I don't have time for this.
4. Also I'll be waking up the eldest to take him out to learn to drive stickshift again.

And speaking of 3. people saying what I mean, only better and 4. the crap car.... have you ever read Gene Weingarten? At the risk of sounding like a fan girl with a slightly creepy obsession**, I will repeat myself: the man's good. I hadn't paid much attention to his writing other than his funny columns, but I've started reading his longer pieces. Actual journalism --you know, those article-thingie-whatsits that require some amount of research.

His articles are terrific. The one about kids in hot cars had me in the teary snuffles, although I'm not sure that's an actual journalistic measurement ("has this piece made you reach for the Kleenex?" should most definitely be used as a way to judge inspie novels****). But still. He's a great writer--funny, articulate, moving and thorough.

L suggested I go sit out in the crap car and see if some of that great writing aura will inspire me. The other day I parked the crap car at the middle school, waiting for a kid. My guess is no great writing took place in that car.

Although it looks like the Great Zucchini took a ride in it. Maybe some fine diaper humor will soak up through the seats.

** I have no desire to bear his children. In fact I have no desire to bear anyone's children any more.

****the answer for me is usually, "no and I resent the attempt at manipulation. Zero hit points for you, inspie author."


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