What's more fun than getting a contract offer for a story?

Getting a nice note along with it.

Good afternoon. Thank you for submitting “Gent and Lamplighter”—what a lovely story! I enjoyed it immensely and am very interested in acquiring John and Giles’ romance for the Heroes and Heartbreakers short fiction program.

“Gent and Lamplighter” is not only beautifully written, but features realistic, warm-hearted characters that I think our readers would instantly fall for and want to see get that well deserved HEA.

I love this.  My heart cockles have been warmed all day.


  1. That note is filled with AWESOMENESS!!!

  2. Great note, and great you! Congratulations~

  3. Thanks, guys! My face hurts from smiling.... I'm looking for the tequila now, Wendy.

  4. Good news is always welcome! Don't break your face with that smile! I see ya!


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