The Latest Chicken Taste Contest

Before you start to slaver and think yum, chicken, no...this is about the chickens' taste not ours.
Yum. Chicken kabobs grilled....peanut satay sauce.

Not that.

This is all about what the chickens prefer. I created A CONTEST!!! I pitted my usual treat for them vs. some Chinese stir-fry vegetables.

Which do you think chickens would prefer? I really didn't know. The last time I tried this test, the apple lost.

 So I turned on the lights of Iron Chef Studio.  I placed the two pans side by side and asked our judges to examine and pick their favorite dish.

 Chicken Three takes the first peck of the New Stuff. She has the most discerning palate of the group, first to recognize the tastiness of oats and moths.

 And, as always, Chicken Three is also the one with the most to say: tap, tap, tap. I think repeatedly thumping plastic is a method of communication.

 Spotchy is also willing to try the food. She seemed most interested in plain rice, maybe because it looks like oats. 
 "What is this crap?" says Shelly Duval. "Are you freaking trying to poison us again? What is it? I'm going to flap around now and give you the cold dino eye, because man, what are you trying to do to me?"

Flapping over, she tries a bit of rice.

judges cluster at winning display
 The clear winner as always: A shovel full of dirt.  Once again, they make it clear that shovel full of dirt with some worms (delivered in my old chicken broiler pan), is heaven.
Home cooking at its best -- always beats restaurant fare.


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