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...and how dated is the concept of summer reruns? more dated than my friend Penny was in high school, that's how dated. heh. Anyway. I'm rereading things--a Pratchett, an Ilona Andrews book right now. Apparently my early training has kicked in. Summer is for reruns.

I did just buy a book that Many People are Raving About. The Dead Will Rise First. There's a typo in the description (a "to" instead of "too") but I pushed buy anyway. I won't be a hypocrite. It's short, it's 99 cents and I'll get to say I was there at the start of the swarm.

Most of my online world is going to Atlanta this week. About now is when I should go look for Paperback Writer's blog--she's always so good point out about why conferences are a waste of time. But it's been a long time. I'm too scared to discover she's stopped blogging so I won't go look.

Hey, do you do that too? A blogger is only a few clicks away but you're too scared to check because you don't want to find out they've abandoned a place you cared about?

I avoid places I've lived because I dislike the fact that they carried on without me--too much like death, and the opposite of It's a Wonderful Life.

But speaking of opposite, this response is sort of the flip side of that. I want that corner of the world to have thrived even though I wasn't there. Still selfish of course -- I want them to be right there where I left them, just as popular and relevant and all those shiny surface items intact. No dust, no decay and still funny as ever. Now I'm really scared about going and looking for her.  Maybe I'll go check Beth to make sure she's still there. An online touchstone.


  1. Hadn't heard of that one but .99 isn't bad and it sounds interesting.
    I'm going to try it out, too.


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