haven't we heard this before? does it help?

Whine no one buys my books anymore

stop writing then.

Whine what else am I supposed to do? Mike suggested being a greeter at Walmart and he wasn't kidding. I'm not qualified to do squat. I'm too old to be a waitress.

then keep writing.

Whine but I'm not making enough money

then get a part time job

Whine but there's nothing out there and I've looked. why are you so unsympathetic? you know I go into these declines every now and then. Particularly at holiday times when everyone says make goals! improve your life! 

and what do these introspection moments do for you? anything?

Whine they make me take stock of my life.

hey, admit it. your life is pretty good, right? 

whine it's okay, except for the writing. and the occasional glitches in the life and the being fat part. No, stop, I don't want to hear about that.

fine, we'll stick to the writing. you like the writing. you even sort of enjoyed editing that godawfulbookfromhell last week

whine fuck you ....except for the selling then.

are you willing to put in more effort on that?

whine I don't know howwwwwwwwwwww

are you willing to learn how?

whine I've tried. I go to the seminars. no one seems to know howwwwwwwww

fine. then how about you write the books and shut up?

whine yes and no. write, yes; shut up, no. It feels necessary. If I don't I'll stay depressed and not move along.

I wish I understood that. 

me too.

but the fact is, no one in the world wants to hear about your whining. 

whine tough shit. I'm doing it anyway.

why in semi-public?

whine why not?


whine okay.

carry on. 

whine whine whine gribble sigh. whine. whine whine whine


  1. Awww, we all need a good whinge every now and again. Does it help that this made me giggle? Hrm...probably not.

  2. thanks, Scarlytte. of course it helps. Making someone else laugh justifies anyone's existence and that's what these periodic dreary reexaminations are about.

  3. Hugs, I know how you feel.

  4. I absolutely know how you feel. I just asked for more hours at work today. And I'd rather die, but that won't help pay the bills. I should have asked a while ago, but I was having too much fun with my children.

    Picture me with my hair on fire and my eyes crossed.

  5. Yep, I'm in a similar boat just downstream from you. *Oops, my paddle is bent, whine!*

    ((((hugs)))) and thanks for the giggle ;)

  6. Joining you in the whining. Last year at this time I was on top of the world...and the best seller lists. This year? Uh, not so much. Too many free books out there? The shiny new has worn off the Kindles? Amazon is playing favorites with their new stable of authors?

    Don't know the solution. I also need to go find a job, but at my age I'd be lucky if I could get one driving a school bus. So it's more writing, more writing, more writing.

  7. I'm sorry, Tori. I have no idea why or how some books sell and other languish. No clue.

    And I guess I don't entirely trust people who claim to know -- or at least those people who claim to know for tomorrow based on what worked for yesterday.

  8. Tracy MacNish11:55 AM

    Can't help. Had to give up the writing gig for an office job that fries my brain and takes up all the head space that used to hold stories.

    Telling those stories used to fill my cup. Now the job supports my family.

    Being a grown up blows the biggest wang.

  9. ((((((((Tracy))))))) Blows is right.

  10. and hugs for all of us because we don't get any more MacNishes.


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