baked good

After the angst comes baking of the comfort food. We're looking for easy peasy because we're gloomy, not creative, at the moment.

Except--hold on--I was creative enough to come up with a recipe yesterday.

You must start out with a nearly empty jar of Trader Joe's morello cherries in light syrup. Put a bunch of the cherries in something like a pie. Be left with about a cup of cherries bobbing around in lot of that syrup. Because you're cheap and those cherries are pricey, feel reluctant to dump the light syrup. (I use it to reconstitute dried fruit too--simmer dried fruit with the stuff)

Ok, recipe time.

1 box of white cake mix, minus 6 Tbl (you can probably go for the whole box, but ours was missing 6 Tbl used in another recipe)
1 cup of TJ left over light cherry syrup (a bit more if you have a whole box of mix)
1/4 cup oil (a bit more if you have a whole box)
3 eggs.
left over cherries (about a cup, or more if you have more)

Put it all in the mixer and let it go for a couple of minutes while you wander around looking for the right pan. If you want big chunks of cherry, don't put them in until later. The way I did it, no cherry bits were recognizable. This was good because the youngest kid doesn't like cherry. He loved this cake.

Put in greased 9x13 pan
sprinkle on streusel topping on in an effort to hid hideous color of cake.

What do you do for streusel? here's what I do:  Maybe a cup of oatmeal, few tablespoons of brown sugar, a few of butter. Work this stuff together with your fingers because it's easier that way. I also ground up some cereal because I like doing that. Maybe a tablespoon of flour or so. You know, standard streusel top. Add a little cinnamon if you want.
If you prefer stricter recipes, this might work. But put in some oatmeal because that's yummy.

 bake your cake for about 25 minutes at 350, but I mean it when I say "about." Our oven isn't yours (and aren't you lucky). Maybe follow what the cake mix box says. I bet these would be great muffin/cupcakes. You could even pretend they were healthy.

This cake is surprisingly good. Not very pretty, though it's not as ugly as you'd think from the picture, which was taken with a skanky camera.


  1. Planning to try this, thanks. I'd love to see a whole cookbook written in your inimitable style.


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