Some books are better than others.

I just gave away Thank You Mrs. M to a bunch of friends and acquaintances. I didn't beg for reviews, I didn't expect a thank you (they're nice, though) I just gave it away. Want one? I'll give you a copy too.

Some books are like that. I like them enough that I don't mind giving them away. When I say "I like them" I'm not talking about the actual book. No, once the book is written, edited, proofed, I'm not foolish enough to reread them. Not the story.. It's the process I enjoyed, so the book itself is a favorite. At the end of the day,** the book owes me nothing, which is a lovely feeling.

Why do I like Thank You Mrs M? The story came pretty easily, almost as if a plot fairy was in charge. I got to ask my professor pal Kathy to read it and she did and gave me advice and she liked it. My sister, one of my main beta readers, made great suggestions and the story improved with them. I love it when a tweak transforms something.

Using the "writing as a fun experience" yardstick, my other favorites are Irrational Arousal and Unnatural Calamities. A lot of the books I've written with Bonnie fit too, because they're like a party game. Not all of them, though. A few of our books grew into slogs and chores.  Death marches through slow-coming words.

And still other books? They were pulled out of me word by painful word. Somebody to Love. Oy. That one!! OY! I still resent it. If it was a person, it would not be a close friend of mine.

PLEASE NOTE: I can give it away, but I ask that you don't. You can ask people to contact me if they want one.  There's a reason for this, trust me.

** who the heck says that? I can't recall. JD from Scrubs, maybe?


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