random stuff for SBD

First: we'll get the inevitable promo out of the way. If you're a member of the huge goodreads m/m group, you can vote on our book to be the BOM (book o' the month). Okay? Good. Thanks!

Second: SBD. From twitter -- I'm reading a mystery (not really very mysterious) by Dick Lochte. Guy is an excellent writer. Elegant prose without that Look At Clever ME schtick.

An update on that? I got halfway through and didn't finish the book. That's because it was a library book and they vanish from the Kindle on their due day, through the mysterious waves of technology. This time (it's happened before) I didn't have a fit and run to the library to get a hard copy of the book, and I'm not sure why. I appreciated the author's writing. I liked the main character who was flawed but interesting, my fave sort. Maybe the plot failed to grip? Maybe I have ADD this week? I can't remember why I'm not reading that book.

another update: I might actually buy a book by Lochte.

I did somehow end up with yet another Jane Austen thing--from the library. This was another modern woman going to a Jane Austen weekend. Unlike Shannon Hale's book, which is a barrel of fun, this book was pretty awful. She has a bunch of books with references to Austen and this one got the best reviews. Huh.  I'd go into details but I think she's not a NYTimes Best Seller and I only get rancorous about books by people whose careers wouldn't be affected by some random blogging bitch. If, by some chance, this author hits the big time, I can tell you all about why I think her book wasn't worth reading, even though I read it and didn't finish the excellent Lochte book. People. We're so weird.

To give myself credit, I just skimmed the Jane Austen thing to see if I'd guessed right about the plot. I did.  

Third: why do I dislike the holiday season even though it has never done anything to me? I have a great family, no one gets drunk, or tries to turn me into a god-fearing republican, there aren't huge crowds, and I'm glad to see everyone who shows up....I don't get it. Maybe this year I'll work on this issue. One is never too old to change and perhaps I, like Scrooge, can turn into a holiday fiend. I won't hold my breath on this one.


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