Lois McMaster Bujold, I love you.

I miss Miles (who shows up only briefly) in the latest book. This one features Ivan Vorpatril, definitely a member of the drones club (or he was until now), but the funny wedding and the silly family with the pirate father. . . .oh, it was lovely. I want to go back and read all the books again. This one has more mentions of favorite characters than actual sightings of them, but Ivan and Tej are worth the time.

I always think of old trad regency length Metzger as Heyer meets Wodehouse but I think Bujold wins that award with some clever twists and Douglas Adams thrown in.

The only sad I have at the moment is that I'm done. I think Doug Hoffman's is just as fun and just as clever, but I have a feeling I'm supposed to be reading that with the eye for improvement and .... I'm not an editor.


  1. I liked Ivan's book a lot, but I kind of felt like he deserved to be excellent WHILE Miles was around, so Miles could be the lesser side kick for once. On the other hand, if Miles had been around, it would have felt like Miles was getting short changed, so I guess LMB had to write it that way.

  2. it would be fun to see Ivan's mellow style prevail over Miles's crazy brain... but at least there was just enough Miles so that we wouldn't get homesick for him.

    It's going to be too long before the next book comes out.


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