Wow, would you look at that weather!

now that I have the promo out of the way (oh, my precious, precious pull quote!) I can get started rereading romances with storms in them. I'm going to write an article about 'em.

I grabbed a stack of books off the shelf--real books and not just the ones on my kindle so now my room is a mess--and it's amazing how many books do have storms that
1. make the h/h lose their way
2. force the h/h to hole up together for a day or a season.
3. cover footprints with snow and make the h/h or villain lose the scent (usually literal scent. I seem to have accumulated a fair number of paranormals)

Stuff falling out of clouds is the best deus ex machina ever because it's hardly an unbelievable chariot driving out of the sky. Weather, a writer's best plotty friend.


  1. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Love using weather in my stories. Nothing more romantic than a storm!

  2. Hiya Kate! Those are my favorite sorts of weather stories. Scary weather stories, meh. If there's going to be a bad guy, let him have some motivation.

  3. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Huh. When I saw the title I thought you meant the literal weather outside the window. I hope you and Linda got through the hurricane unscathed and unflooded out.

  4. Linda lost power overnight but she has it again. We never even lost internet, which goes out all the time. Last year's storm was far worse for us.

  5. Anonymous11:15 PM

    ok, good. Hope that's the last bad storm for the year.


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