I'm doing the blogging against bullying

I don't believe that changing my facebook status for an hour will help solve any of the world's problems, and I know for sure that my blog won't either.

But I don't discount the power of words en masse. Anyone who visits the internet knows it can be a vicious place. You're here; you know.

People can be scary, especially when they're filled with that burning venom, especially when a group does a piles-on with that gleeful hatred. So maybe a group of people who've piled on for the opposite reason--to create a soothing blanket--can put out the fires, at least on occasion.

Enough with the bad metaphors.

 Go to Mandy's place if you want to learn more. 

 I'm coming back on the 19th with a couple of my bullying experiences. Heck, we've all lived through them. I expect even (or perhaps especially?) bullies have too. Defining the action can help stop the next incident. Talking about it helps to heal the past. Tell me about yours.


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