Saturday I'm doing a synopsis presentation

I've done it before, a couple of years ago (!!) and I made an effort to ask editors and Successful Writers what they think should appear in all synopses. 

Read the above links--I did actual work on them.

I'm kind of lazy today so I'll not bug the editors etc and hope they bug me. I'm a writer. Sitting and waiting for someone to tell me The Truth about Synopses. Hey, I know what--I'll look for hashtags on twitter. But still. If you have info about synopsis you'd like to share, I'll give you credit. Free promo, mo fo!**

** I'd like to point out that Lauren Dane is one of the writers who gave me advice and since then (okay maybe around then, as well) she has turned into a best-selling author.

More than a coincidence? Give Kate advice and then become The BOMB!? I do not think so.


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