and one week later. . .

Now if only Amazon would change the description so that people wouldn't be so annoyed by the sudden appearance of another book at the end. Also if only this was making the monies. Ah well.

Like my superb photoshopping? I am the PhotoShopQueen!


  1. Oh, noes! Someone is getting addicted to the Amazon Best Seller list. Just kidding. I don’t have a dog in there, and I take a look at it a few times a day. Well, you got yourself a few new fans, and most reviews had been generous, trust me, they can be demanding.

  2. Joanna, have I mentioned that you are better than a good dose of caffeine, even better than a sun-lamp for my writerly ego? I hope to return the favor some day.

  3. You're welcome. It's a pleasure to be fan number two. We can only hope that when I become more famous than La Nora, I'll still have the time to follow you around. Speaking of which, I better go back to that MS.


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