Look, they like my books.

A review for Unnatural Calamities. 

and one for

The Gentleman and the Rogue.  

People like the books! Yay!**

I've written a lot of books and I think these two were the most fun to write. UC, because I was playing around and G&R because it was actually the first time Bonnie and I collaborated successfully (we had a half book or two lying around before this one.)

Except, hold the presses, now that I'm thinking back, I really got a kick out of writing Thank You, Mrs. M, and Irrational Arousal was a fun time too. And Somebody Wonderful, that was mostly a good time to write as well.

Lately writing has been a labor more than a labor of love, so it's nice to recall that sometimes sitting down and working is a good time. I'm trying to fish out the good times and plaster them on this wall to remind myself. Not exactly a New Year's resolution. More like a "while I'm waiting to make some money, there is this to recall" event. A form of motivation.

Although actually I already have some motivation, I'm looking for a job and that always reminds me how much I enjoy the job I already have. 

Anyone want to hire me? I come pretty cheap.

**I want more stars for UC on that terrific review, but that's because they usually give me more at Night Owl and I'm a spoiled brat.


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