Things to do list

1. figure out a way to tell everyone on the planet that Bonnie and I had two books in Rainbow Rewards 10 best  historicalsThe Nobleman and the Spy tied for third and House of Mirrors is honorably mentioned in seventh place.

And Molly Winter listed one of our books in her top ten for the year.

2. get better numbers at Amazon and Samhain so that I can tag "best-seller" on my name. Actually, I have had best-selling books at Samhain before -- but this one hasn't made it yet. And I wouldn't really add that tag.

3. shake this godforsaken mind-set in which I check stats at Amazon and Samhain or look for reviews online. This sort of behavior leads to bitterness and frustration or elation and giddiness. None of these condition are ideal for #4 . . .  

4. write a goddamn book.

I'm telling you there is no happy coexistence between the promo mind and the writing mind. They exist in different realms. I hereby shed the promo-brain, all that glittery goo is out of my ears to be replaced by hard-working but boring old grey stuff.

* * *

The rest of you? You have a TTD list too. One item! Enter the contest. Don't give me that "everyone does this same contest and it gets old" thing. Quit pointing out the obvious and enter it.

Please, optional item #2 for you is to write a glowing review of any of my books. I will not stand in your way.

Speaking of which, I have to go review this book I just read by Jeaniene Frost. It was pretty good, but I don't feel the need to every book in the series ASAP which is a relief because I'm supposed to be buying christmas presents for people other than me.


  1. I really like the Write a goddamn book one. Will go and put that on my list.

  2. MONICA FREAKING JACKSON! HEY! YES! Yes, you should write a goddamn book.

  3. Congratulations on the nominations!

  4. Congratulations on the nominations and I just need to finish writing my second book. Half way down, too. That's what's on my to-do list.



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