The newsletter article

Remember when I got all like that? **  I grumbled about the freaking holidays. Gah.

Here's the newsletter containing the article that I mentioned, all about our fabu Christmas tree. My piece is the third or fourth one down and the tone is fairly chipper. I should actually read what other writers have to say in the newsletter.

First I have to finish destroying this heroine. I think she's going to have a really horrible fall off a roof.

** Me neither, but not because I didn't read my blog (your excuse). It's because I take off when bad moods strike. Years of practice and I'm getting better at dumping the depressive. Run away! run away!



  2. Patricia K10:08 PM

    great tree we all have stuff for all of us growing up. I wish sometimes some of the stuff would go in to the trash but it doesn't so have to yet my mom put it up every year. I would love to have a simple small tree. I am out numbered. Have a great Christmas.


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