Only a matter of hours now.

Hey, couldn't you use thirty extra bucks for that last minute shopping? Don't you want some fun escapist fiction? The answer is of course! Yes! So enter my contest. I'm telling you, it's easy-peasy. I think I'll end it at ten p.m. tonight because that's about the time I start falling asleep. I love the random picker I found. No more nagging a kid to pick a number.

Some people (CW, for instance) have entered over and over. You can too. 

I'm giving away a $30 gift certificate to Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner's choice) plus three Summer Devon titles
also winner's choice. And if you live in the US, you can even choose paper of the books in print. I'll send your hard copies to you -- You'll have to wait until after Christmas though.

Entering is easier than pie (which isn't that easy unless you do a graham cracker crust)
To enter, you can:
1.  Leave a comment in this blog. Below this entry works fine.
2. or you can make a comment at twitter or facebook about my my new book (and send me notice that you did at -- or just reply to this newsletter)
3. you can blog about the release at your own place. That's fine--be sure to let me know though.

Every time you do one of these things, you get another entry. The contest ends December 20th! So you'll have time to use your gift certificate to buy presents. Winner will be chosen by random pick.


  1. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Who wouldn't comment for a $30 gift certificate. My comment is this... I am thrilled that you have been so successfulat writing. I too have had some success but writing training materials like Business Process Modeling has, for some reason, not brought fame. Hope springs eternal and if not writing, there is always real estate!

  2. happy holidays,
    Follow via email and fb, thanks for the contest.

  3. Hi Kate All my best wishes and Greetings for you and your family , On release of your new book , I am millions mies away and I do not know from where I can purchase . I would look forward to read one of your best signed book . Congrats and best wishes for Chrismas too .

  4. BTW, I managed to burn a pumpkin pie, with graham cracker crust and all, just this week. So maybe it’s not that easy. Just kidding. Happy holidays, Kate.

  5. I had to tweet it one more time! I couldn't resist.


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